Reasons to Never Skip a Home Inspection

 What Does a Home Inspection Cover?

Whether buying or selling, it is wise to check out the condition of your home. Knowing problem areas can help you prepare a home to sell or can let you know where repair costs may be needed when buying. Home inspections should be detailed and cover roofing, exterior components such as siding and decks, interior features like walls, floors, sinks, cabinets, and fireplaces, the electrical system, heating, and cooling systems, attics, crawl spaces, foundations, plumbing, and fixtures. The inspection may also include looking for water intrusion or radon testing. Pro Home Inspection, LLC in Grand Junction does all this and more. This is a relatively small investment that pays big dividends.

The Hidden Costs of Skipping an Inspection

Skipping a home inspection may seem like a good way to speed up a sale in a low inventory/high demand market, but it may end up costing you more than you can afford. Without the inspection, you won’t be aware of potential safety hazards like problems with the wiring, fire hazards, or unsafe heating systems. You can usually see cosmetic repairs that you will want to make, but a cracked foundation is not so easily visible and can cost thousands to repair. The roof may look good from the ground but without going into the attic, you can’t see where a small leak may have started that could turn into a major water issue. Wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time about mold, termites, carbon monoxide leaks, or asbestos?

Did the previous owner take care of maintenance needs for the home? A furnace requires more than just occasionally changing the filter. Will your new heating system need to be updated right away or farther down the road? When was the roof replaced last and was it done by a professional? Most asphalt shingles only last 15-20 years and replacing a roof is a major expense. Skipping a home inspection means that these types of repairs may be an unexpected and unwelcome surprise once you become the homeowner.

What are the Options?

Not getting a home inspection means that you are buying the home “as is”. In other words, any problems found will be your responsibility alone to repair or replace. If you get a home inspection, you have more options available. You would have grounds to back out of the contract and avoid the problems entirely. You can request the seller agree to pay part or all of the repair costs. Or you can agree to do the repairs yourself for a reduced price on the house. You will also be aware of how long you may have until certain things need replacement so you can budget for them. Without a home inspection, your options are more along the lines of figuring out how you will pay for the repairs yourself.

Becoming a homeowner is a huge investment. Most experts agree that a home inspection is worth doing, even if it means taking longer to get into a house. You could get lucky and get a home that does not have many problems without inspecting first but the odds are not in your favor. When you choose not to inspect, you limit your options when a problem does rear its ugly head. You also open yourself up to costs that are probably not in your budget. In this gamble, your best bet would be to get a professional home inspection from a certified, licensed home inspector. In Mesa County, Pro Home Inspections, LLC will make sure you know what you are purchasing inside and out.