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Pro Home Inspections works for you NOT the Real Estate Agent. Realtors will typically only provide a few referrals of inspectors that “they’ve had good luck with.” The real estate agent is incentivized to get you to purchase the home and they understand that not all home inspectors are created equal (which is why some states don’t allow agents to make these recommendations). Standards have a minimum and Pro Home Inspections will exceed those standards every inspection arming you with the information and knowledge you deserve.

Seeking out your own choice is ideal when it comes to the evaluation of one of the largest investment you will make. We respect the investment that you are making in your future. The home inspection industry is changing and evolving to be more thorough and provide more information than ever before. Pro Home Inspections is proud to bring Western Colorado one of the most in depth inspection reports and processes. As a leader in the industry we bring you the most comprehensive reporting that all buyers want and sellers don’t. Make your own choice, make the right choice: Pro Home Inspections.


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Residential Inspections

Having a home inspection done by a professional before buying or selling a home is a necessary step to expose any unknown defects of the property.

Radon Testing

Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Make sure you and your family are protected by getting your property inspected.

Sewer Scope

A commercial building inspection helps you identify potential problems before they become expensive repairs or even worse, an unsafe structure.

MFD Cert Order

Order your engineering certificates for manufactured houses by clicking the image below.

Manufactured Home Engineering Certification

About Us

Meet Chris Heinemann

Chris Heinemann Certified Professional Inspector grand junction co

I was raised remodeling and gutting houses and spent 6 years as a project manager building quality custom homes for my parents construction management company. My experiences have afforded me a great deal of understanding around the mechanics of a home. I started inspecting homes on the western slope in 2016 when I decided to put all my past experience into helping others make big decisions.

Prior to entering the endeavor of home inspections I worked in the lending and finance industries guiding others through tough financial decisions. I have helped countless people move closer to their dreams with quality advice and information. My goal has always been to arm clients with as much knowledge as I can to assist them in the decision making process.

I value all the people that have trusted me to share my experiences with them. They have given me the opportunity to grow, improve my methods and employ new strategies in my business. There is a lot to consider when selecting a home inspector and it is critical that you conduct your own research and choose one that will provide the most in depth inquiry to one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. I look forward to working with you.

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